Environmental Perspective #3

Persp #3.

Date : September 26, 2012

Time : 9:30 a.m.

Water temp : Unmeasured 

Air temp : 66 F

Animals obs : We saw leech, small fish, and birds.

plants obs :


general weather condition : mostly clear

atmosphere : 756.7 Mercury

other observations / personal reflection : 

This trip to Tancheon was very exciting. In other classes, if we ever went outside, it was for a break off from the class without genuine interaction with the nature. However, this class, we were required to go into the river and actually go look for living nature on our own. The biggest thing I learned from this first trip was that there are so many more living things than the big and obvious ones. While Sumin and I tried to go chase the fish that swam away before we can even get into the 5 meter range, when we returned, Mr. Boyce was searching the tiny tiny bugs that were living on rocks. That moment, I once again realized how big of a prejudice I have about the environment and how much I have to learn. Another fact that I enjoyed was that this trip wasn’t a once in a year voyage that we make but something that we’ll do throughout the year, which would actually make me more opened and inclined towards the nature. 

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Live Simply So Others May Simply Live

I first saw this quote on facebook as a post of my friend’s.

Without knowing that it was from this class or any prior knowledge, I was very touched and moved by this quote. Let alone all the environmental factors that we are neglecting, I was able to look over how affluent lives we are living right now. While we complain about the menu of our catering, there are a billion of people desiring for a single meal in their days. 

“Live simply, so others may simply live.” What did Gandhi mean when he said this? KIS students would be able to feel more out of this quote than others. We have so much in possession that we forget how blessed we are. If I learn how to let go one by one, my life would be much better off at the same time that I can help others.

In environmental club yesterday, we looked up disgusting facts about the production of all the meat we eat daily and all the horrible consequences our eating habits bring about. I am going to apply what Mr. Boyce told us yesterday. I will start off with a meatless meal, then day, and a regularly meal afterwards. As it makes me feel good physically, I will also be able to help the environment!

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Environmental Perspective #1 : Human Impact

August 17th 


80 percent humidity

mostly cloudy

1013 pressure


Today, the first thing in the morning we went up to the mountains. At first, I thought it was just another walk up the mountains that the teachers who love nature always do once in a while. However, when I stood on the benches facing the outer side of the school, I came to realize how big of a society we live in and how many people we coexist with. Before I was even done getting amazed, we turned around and faced the mountains. That was when I started to reflect. In this modern society that is run by technology, we forget the nature that used to be around us all the time. It was not long ago before all the buildings, including KIS has come into these mountains and destructed everything. Yes, the life has gotten much better than the past, but the negative aspects of these human impacts struck me heavily. That’s when Mr. Boyce’s words came into me. You can’t undo what you have done, but there is so much more to save in this world that we can prevent from getting damaged. There is still the woods behind my back that we are unconsciously and constantly destroying everyday. 

I hope to learn from this class not only how energy is radiated or absorbed and other scientific facts, but also how to actually save the world and make others to do the same.  

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SHOPAHOLIC takes Manhattan

“Shopaholic” is a series of books written by Sophie Kinsella. Rebecca, the main character of the story, is a shopaholic that can’t resist buying stuff from clothes to meaningless cards to hundreds of new shoes. The books deal with the conflicts she confronts dealing with her excessive shopping life.

Unlike pride and prejudice, which I read for my independent book for first semester and enjoyed very much, “Shopaholic” was a very entertaining and light book that I was able to enjoy with far more reality than pride and prejudice. There were several entertainments in this book. First and foremost, it was absolutely fascinating to observe how Becky shops and how such shopping is even possible. I learned numerous names of extremely expensive shops that I have never heard of and rediscovered the other side of New York, which I was completely unaware of when I visited last year. Although fully aware that such spending life is never possible or respectable, it made me dream of a single day where I would be able to spend all I want in the most expensive stores on the planet since the author makes it seem like a simple possibility.

In addition, the romance with the hot entrepreneur Luke just enhanced the excitement of reading. As the perfect guy in every teenage girl’s dream, Luke succeeds in his romance with Rebecca, as romantically as any other movies would have portrayed. Reading the book intensified the ‘loneliness’ of being ‘single’ as many teenagers put it.

Last but not least, reading this book made me really think about what I feel passionate in doing again. Lost in busy schoolwork, I often forget to think about what I’m studying for and what I really want to do. But as a I read this book and rethink, I realize that having a set goal that provokes me helps me push myself much harder than I would have other times.

Most of the people perceive this book as a simple gossip story, which I would not deny. But there are still messages one can obtain through such casual stories as well, such as the importance of true friendship. Now, as a recommender of this book, I am off after the other sequels of the series of the “Shopaholic”.

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Brave New World: the possible future

Brave New World is a novel written by Aldous Huxley.

Brave New World portrays a world where everybody is completely manipulated by the Controller. Revolving around the characters Lenina, John, Helmholtz, and Bernard, the plot is a conflict between the people who are trying to break away from the manipulated society and those trying to keep everything in control.

Reading this book, I began to wonder. What is true happiness? Is it better to live in an environment without any freedom, but being unaware of it and thinking one is happy, or with freedom to a certain extent but always resentful of the restricted society? Is being happy without awareness true happiness? How does one define freedom? Who chooses the extent of it?

Arousing such questions, I began to think of our own contemporary society that we live in today. How alike is our society with the World State’s? I, personally, am very against such manipulation or cloning described in the novel. There is a reason every one is different and granted freedom and liberty. If one desires to become exactly the same as another and allows someone else to completely control his life, that defines nothing more than a simple robot. Some say that ‘knowing is hurting’. However, I believe that true happiness comes when one feels happy while being aware of the imperfect environment that everybody has to live in. In the real world, there is no such thing as soma that can protect one from reality, which often is pain and despair. Along with freedom comes responsibility. Reading this book, I was able to realize once again that the best way to deal with troubles is to directly confront it and get it over with rather than trying to escape the reality, feeling temporary happiness.

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Korean show : “I Am A Singer”

In the spring of 2011, Korean entertainment show programs have been dominated by a program named “I Am A Singer”. This show casts 7 singers that compete to be ranked by the audience consisted of  500 people of different age and gender. When ranking the lowest, 7th, from their performance, the singer gets replaced by a new singer entering the competition. Although this show is meant to be for entertainment and enjoy, the singers’ genuine effort in singing and the actual competing situation brings in much more than just a one-hour TV show.

Casting the most talented singers out of South Korean society is one of the several reasons this show receives much interest. Generally, many of the very talented singers choose not to come out on TV shows and only appeal themselves to others through their voice. Hence, people call them singers without faces. However, these are the ones who receive the most respect and acknowledgement as singers than those who claim themselves as singers but appeal to the audience through sexual dancing and dress codes as well as fixed faces. Moreover, every single song that these singers sing for their performances become great hits. Some of the famous ones as well as my favorites are Lena Park’s ‘In my dream’ and Kim Bum Soo’s ‘Please’.

As the celebrities are ranked and replaced, the intensity increases as well as expectations towards what will happen from now on.

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Sunny, 2011

A korean movie Sunny was publicized in May, 2011.

Starring not many of famous actors, or very beautiful ones, the movie itself did not attract much interest beforehand such as the 4th episode of The Pirates of the Caribbean. However, the reviews were beyond expectations.

Sunny is the name for a group of 7 girls gathered under the name of “friendship”. The movie simultaneously displays modern lives of those seven girls as grown-up women along with flashbacks of their high school memories. This movie is not one of those modern-technology, nerve-wrecking, Hollywood-scale films. Nor is it revolved around the truth of one’s birth, a triangle romance, or some ridiculously rich and handsome guy falling for the ugliest and most unattractive girl. The plot itself is very typical, daily-life, and on a rather small scale. However, there is much more than just laughing at the hilarious jokes the actors make. This movie is one of those rare movies where one can laugh their belly out and cry their souls out at the same time. Although the actors provide the audience with endless laughs at their comical acting, most of the people leave the theatre with tears in their eyes. What is so great about this movie?

First and foremost, friendship. These days, friends have a very broad range of various definitions. To some, friends are someone to talk to in school. To some, they are who study with you or play sports with you. To others, they are just targets to talk bad about. But to others, like in the movie, friends are everything; if someone hurts your friend, you are hurt as well. School meant friends and friends meant their happiness and sadness. As you watch the movie, it would be inevitable for you to think of your own friends. Next, it sends a message of how important oneself is in his own life. The main character, is lost in her life supporting her husband and daughter until she meets her old friends again. If one knows what true happiness, love, and emotions are, then one’s life begins to bloom. One of the most significant quotes in the movie was “You are the star of your life”. Apart from such main messages, there are also many trivial entertainments that are memorable such as the comical fashions, dancings, the first love of a teenage girl, and the feisty language the actors use.

This movie, with all guaranteed, is most certainly recommended to be watched, especially to those in high school right now. One would realize how to spend their high school life most valuably.

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